You can submit your invitation request on techtalentevent.com and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to process your application. If you are being referred by an existing member of our talent pool or our team member, please feel free to use this person as a reference.

Your application is processed by our team – we review every application we receive.

The assessment process is based on your CV and online profile, so please don’t submit an empty online profile as we will not be able process your application.We’re looking for relevant career experience, studies, courses, portfolios of relevant work, online CVs, informative LinkedIn profiles etc.

For each event we invite candidates who match the requirements of the attending companies to ensure the most efficient and productive event flow. If your application is unsuccessful for a particular event, please do apply for future our events.

We will send you an email invitation as soon as your application is approved.

The event if free to attend for the candidates.

We will send you the venue details and event info pack a week before the event.

Prepare your 3 min self-promo pitch, a killer CV and your charisma to join your dream team.

Don’t forget to check profiles of the hosting companies, refine your pitch  and be ready to shine. Upon arrival you will be given a badge to showcase your skills and desired jobs. We recommend bringing your business cards, printed CVs or portfolio to make it more memorable for the companies.

You will be able to see the participating companies on our website. We will also send you an updated list with the event info pack one week before the event.

Smart casual is very welcome, but is not obligatory.

The TechTalent Events are strictly invitation only.If you would like to invite a plus one to the event, please ask them to submit invitation request.

The event invitation in non-transferable. If you are not able to come for some reason please let us know as soon as you can so that we can assign your place to another candidate.


Just send us an email to hello@techtalentevent.com  and let’s start a conversation on how we can help you find top tech talent for your business.

Our events are aimed at short-cutting the long hiring process. Meeting candidates face-to-face, having a chat in a casual friendly environment can help you shape a real life  candidate’s profile more efficiently and bring you closer to that dream team of yours.

We also do not charge any recruitment fees, just an event participation fee which you can discuss with our sales team (hello@techtalentevent.com).

Why not consider hosting one of our events in your office? It comes with a range of benefits.

  • Showcase your epic office space
  • Tell your story during the event’s welcome speech
  • And participate in the event totally free of charge

Get in touch with our sales to learn more at hello@techtalentevent.com

Feel free to bring company banners, swag and laptops to highlight your brand and culture. We will provide badges, tables and display cards.